And It Was Sew

Welcome to And It Was Sew

I am Hilary Bobker and the furry mess in my arms is Buns. She is over the Rainbow Bridge now.

My site displays a variety of quilts I have designed or adapted from traditional designs. They are all clearly labeled as to the skill level needed to make the quilt. Please trust me if I label a quilt "Challenging." I wouldn't lie to you. Trust me. Yeah, You mother told you to never trust someone who tells you to "Trust me," but this time ignore your mother. Trust me.

All my patterns are available for download on my store: "AndItWasSewQuilting". Note!! because of the way Etsy works, when you go to find one of my patterns, search for it by putting quotes around the name: "In 4/4 Time" "The Secrets In the Sashing" etc.

My main objective when writing a pattern is to make it fun and easy to follow. I work hard to make a quilt sew together in the best way possible. If you have any problems, (with the pattern, not with your significant other or your computer, etc.) please drop me a line and I will get back to you ASAP.

This is also true if you have questions about a pattern and if it is a project you want to take on.

Before you ask, NO, I do not have kits for my patterns unless it is clearly noted on the listing.

Check back often. We're adding quilt patterns as quickly as we can!

Always remember to have fun quilting!!