And It Was Sew

"Hello Bear" in the Windham booth at market in Houston.

"For The Tree Farm" - Challenging!

My Work with Windham

In 2011 I started designing projects for Windham Fabrics. I love it. They send me graphics of a collection for which they need a project and I get to design whatever I think would look good. Usually I send them a bunch of choices and they pick the one they like best. The only bad part of this dream job is that I have to write the instructions. Sometimes I am my own worst enemy. They had this wonderful woodsy collection a couple of years ago. I designed a pretty easy quilt, after all it was going in a cabin in the woods. Then "Love of Quilting" wanted a project to publish, but they wanted it more "challenging." I designed it way more challenging. Stupid me. Then they told me I had to make it. It was VERY challenging. Lots of ripping was involved. Still, it was exciting to have one of my quilts published in "Love of Quilting."

I almost forgot! All my designs for Windham, and many more, are free downloads at . Of course, I would rather that you buy my patterns from me, but, I understand the lure of free patterns!

Detail of the challenging quilt. Can you even see all the bear paw blocks in there? Did you notice the logs reversing direction in each round? Can you tell that the triangles are folded and dimensional? I'm still shaking. And all it got was an "Honorable Mention" at the Naples Quilt Show. The judge had no idea...