And It Was Sew

"Is That a Nine Patch?"

Yes, it is. Super Simple, but lots of drama in 2 colors!

Patterns for Sale - "AndItWasSewQuilting"

Of course the reason you are visiting my website is that you can't wait to make all my patterns! Right? No? Well, why don't you start with just one? Search Etsy for the patterns but put quotes around the title to go right to the pattern: "In 4/4 Time" etc.

I stand by my patterns. I try my best to make them clear, informative, and well illustrated. If you ever have a problem you can email me and I will try to help. (BTW, that is a problem with one of my patterns, not a problem in general. Do I look like Dear Abby?)

"It's Complicated"

Not a beginner quilt, but once you have the basics down, it is worth trying!!! The name says it all. There is no "block" per se. The quilt is assembled in sections, not blocks.

"All About Curves"

Oh, yeah. Wanna project to test your skills? This fabulous quilt is all curved seams...well except for adding the curved pieced border to the center. It is worth the effort as it is a stunner when it is done. This pattern requires purchasing acrylic templates.

"Pointedly Sew Batiks"

Intermediate level. This is the same quilt as the one above, but it is done in batiks and has only 4 fabrics instead of 5.

"Pointedly Sew"

Intermediate level. The colors change everything!

Study In Blue coming soon

A very versatile  pattern. The color selection changes everything! This is an easy quilt for the confident beginner.

"In 4/4 Time"

A dynamic quilt for the music lover in your family. The quilt comes in four sizes.

The keyboard requires very precise sewing but the quilt itself is easy.

"Flighty Bag" 13 pockets. Perfect for taking on the plane. A place for everything! Not for a first project!

"True Lover's Knot"

"True Lovers Knot" Based on an antique quilt from the Pilgrim and Roy collection, this quilt looks very modern!! There are a couple of tricks in sewing this, so I would call this a project for a confident beginner.