And It Was Sew

This quilt was made for my brother, John Frank Sherred, in appreciation for his service to his country during the Viet Nam War. We are forever in his debt and every other person who has served our country.

About Us


And It Was Sew has been around since the early 90's, but it only turned into a quilting place 20 years ago. I have been around a lot longer.

I started sewing, literally at my mother's knee, at about the age of 5. She let me "help" her on her little green Singer, of which I have finally found one and sew on it frequently. By high school I was sewing all my own clothes. In college I started majoring in math, but that wasn't much fun, so I switched over to theater.  First semester of my Sophomore year, the costume shop door opened, a girl pointed at me and said, "Can you sew?" I nodded. 15 years later I left the theater and started working in the fashion industry. I remained there until I retired. Don't ask me to do another pattern for a garment. I LOVE quilts. There are no sleeves. No darts. No collars. And nothing that has to be fit any closer than a couple of inches. I am in heaven. Well, we won't talk about an accurate 1/4" seam in this context...

I have had my designs published in "Love of Quilting", "McCalls Quilts", and "Quick Quilts." For a number of years I designed the free projects for Windham Fabrics.

I love teaching, especially beginners. I enjoy getting quilters started with a good foundation of techniques and good practices to help them for the rest of their quilting journey.